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Akashic Records

Readings and Attunements Seminars


Akashic Records are the Book of Life that has all the experiences of your soul’s journey through its different lives.

When someone is stuck in life, has some issues, has an iterative behaviour, makes the same mistakes again and again, goes to the psychologist but the therapy isn’t working, needs guidance regarding any aspect, opening the Akashic Records gives the solution.

Our souls are usually attached to some experiences of our past lives and instead of living in the present time, they interfere our present lives with those past experiences. However, by opening the Akashic Records we can find the sources of the problems, bring that soul’s experiences into light and start the Karma healing process.

An Akashic Records Reading is an excellent therapy to heal our Karma, not only because we can  have access to the past lives experiences but also because we can get to know about the future experiences of the soul, knowing that we can modify our present deeds to create a fulfilment future experience.

A Reading is a private session of 60 minutes in which the Akashic Records of the Healee are opened and the Reader receives the information regarding the asked questions. After that, the Reader says some prayers to heal the Healee’s Karma and closes the Records. The healing power of a Reading is such that the energetic flow continues for 6 months.



Frequently Asked Questions


Who mustn’t have the Akashic Records opened?


  • People with mental disorders (schizophrenia, psychosis, dementia, etc)

  • People under the effects of drugs or alcohol

  • Pregnant ladies


What do I need to do to attend an Akashic Records Reading?


  • To write down 5 to 7 questions to ask during the Reading


Can I ask for someone else’s Akashic Records?


  • No. Asking about someone else’s Records interferes with that person’s Karma and generates negative Karma to the enquirer. You can ask about the relationship you have/had with that person.

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