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Nigredo Tarot Training

20 Hours

Online Course

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What is Nigredo Tarot?


Nigredo Tarot is a different way of reading the Tarot deck. It’s not a predictive nor a fortune telling or a divinatory method (as usual Tarot deck readings are). Nigredo Tarot brings a present situation to light to make it conscious to work with it, heal it, release it and embrace the wholeness. While doing that, it gives us tools to create the future we want for our life. It’s a Tarot Reading for those who want to be active participants of their lives.

Jung, the “Collective Unconscious”, the “Archetypes” and Tarot

Carl Jung (1875-1961) a Swiss psychiatrist and colleague of Sigmund Freud, was one of the pioneers of psychoanalytic movement. He was a creative thinker whose observation of correspondences between world religions, mythologies and dreams of his patients led to a unique overview of the human condition.

He proposed that all human consciousness is linked together -that the consciousness of each person is like a small pond which trickles into the ocean od a shared “Collective Unconscious”. The contents of this “collective unconscious” were called “Archetypes” by him. These “archetypes” are “cultural imprints”, images and ideas built up by the thought of mankind throughout history.

Jung suggested a relationship between the “archetypes” and the Tarot deck. Through the Tarot Arcana we can begin to tap into the irrational materials of the personal unconscious and then into the “collective unconscious” realm which, in principle, determines our conscious behaviour.

The Nigredo Tarot Reading

The Nigredo Tarot Reading is based on the interaction of the Enquirer with the Archetypes represented by the Major Arcana as “projection holders”. The Major Arcana allow us to project our inner world onto the outer being formidable instruments for gaining self-knowledge. The Tarot Reader facilitates this confrontation with the Archetypes by asking questions regarding the cards of the spread. In that process of questioning, answering and debating, the Enquirer achieves self-awareness. The Reader helps the Enquirer in meeting his/her Shadow and also in realising that he/she already has the true answer to his/her Question before attending to the Tarot Reading. The Reader, this maieutic method used and the Major Arcana as projection holders stimulate the Enquirer to bring into consciousness what is there hidden in the darkness of the unconscious. When this happens, the Enquirer attain certain degree of self-awareness that allows him/her to start his/her own healing process.

Heal India’s Nigredo Tarot Training


Heal India’s Nigredo Tarot Training is unique in India, where most of the Tarot readers are fond of predictive methods. It is recommended for Everyone, especially for:

  • Psychologists and psychiatrists

  • Tarot readers

  • Bach Remedies practitioners

  • Meditators

  • Spiritual Seekers

  • Lightworkers

  • Health and wellness seekers


  • Jung’s “Collective Unconscious”, “Archetype”, “Animus”/ “Anima”, “Self”, “Individuation”, “Shadow” concepts

  • Nigredo Tarot as a Healing Therapy

  • Marseilles Tarot Deck and its symbols

  • Major Arcana and their Archetypes

  • Tarot Spreads:

  1. Past, Present and Future aspects of a situation

  2. Beginning, Development, Result

  3. Reasons for the Present situation

  4. Family and its influence upon the consultant

  5. Tarot of Doubt

  6. Tarot of Liberation

  7. The Hero’s journey

  8. The world Tarot

  9. The Tarot of the Choice

  • Meditation with the Major Archana

This theoretical and practical training will be taught in 20 hours on Zoom. Printed Book and Certificate are provided.

The training will be taught by Heal India’s Healing Master Natalia Addiechi Shihan.

Natalia Addiechi Shihan started her journey into the spiritual path in 2004 in Argentina as a Yoga practitioner. Since 2007 she has been practicing Reiki healing and became Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan (Traditional Japanese Reiki) Senior Master, being 5th in her lineage. In 2010 she decided to go further in her practice of yoga and became a certified Purna Yoga Professor in 2012 by the Yogacharya Ricardo Garcia, founder of Asociacion Bonaerense de Yoga. Her interest in Psychology and her awareness about the law of Karma, led her to learn Jungian Tarot first and then Akashic Records.Committed to the healing and the study of the energy flow, she has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with Alfredo Julca Perez and became a skilful Acupressure practitioner as well as a Reflexologist therapist, Member of ADDA (Argentinian Association of Acupressure Practitioners). After experiencing the energy flow from different points of view: the Vedic Prana, the Chinese Qi, the Japanese Ki, the Jungian Collective Unconscious, the law of Karma, and achieved knowledge on Vedanta, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Jungian and Gestalt Psychology and Hermetics, Sound Healing -cosmic energy flow- came into her life. She studied with the International Masters Jimena Navarro and Kaly Perez Garrido. She started performing not only Sound Healing Sessions but Concerts in theatres. After some years of devoted practice, she met the Great Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, learnt from him and performed in the theatre with him as well. In February 2018, she attained the state of “Anshin Ritsumei” that’s why she left her comfort zone in Argentina to move to India to heal the community as the first step in her life mission path.

Her trainings are a way of multiplying the number of healers in India and around the world to spread happiness and health, the ultimate truth of the human condition.

The fee of the Nigredo Tarot Training is Rs. 9,999 GST included.

After completing the Training, the student will receive a Certificate and a Printed Book.

Students must have their own Marseilles Tarot Deck . (Other Tarot Decks are not accepted). Tarot Decks are not provided in the course, nor included in the fee.

Contact us for further information:


Phone number: + 91 9355351721


Facebook: Heal India Complementary Therapies Private Limited

Instagram: healindia

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