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Reflexology is a natural therapy whose aim is to promote the restoration of the energetic balance of the body.

It consists in the stimulation, through hand techniques, of areas of the feet where the whole organism is reflected. These areas represent the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body of the person.

Reflexology opens the gates of the energetic flowing. Thus, the healee experiences a new relationship with the body, the emotions, the feelings, the thoughts and the spirituality.


  • It stimulates the energetic unblockage: reflexology moves the blocked energy.

  • It favours relaxation and alleviates stress: The relaxation promoted by  this therapy stimulates the release of endorphins that work as a natural analgesic. As a result, the tension is alleviated, the pain is reduced, and the body’s defense system is enhanced. Additionally, the endorphins wake up feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

  • It’s an excellent preventive therapy.

  • It stimulates the nervous, the circulatory and the immune systems: reflexology favours the neural synapses and the production of hormones. This regulation of the endocrine system is

  • good for the circulatory and the immune systems as well.

  • Since it promotes the cleansing process in the body, it wakes up the natural detoxing mechanism. In the physical body it improves detox while in the emotional body it unblocks emotions and feelings that have been kept for a long time.

  • It helps with the self-healing and self -balance process (homeostasis) because reflexology works on everything that is stuck and makes the self-healing process start.

  • It improves the insight and the awareness.

We offer Reflexology Sessions and Holistic Reflexology Trainings.

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