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Basic Level Sound Healing Therapy  Training

1 Day - 8 Hours

This training has been developed by Heal India’s Healing Master Natalia Addiechi Shihan after years of being trained by International Sound Healing Masters like Jimena Navarro, Kaly Perez Garrido and Don Conreaux.

This unique training combines her experience as Sound Healer and Gong Master and her knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Japanese Reiki and Purna Yoga. It is an unparalleled system for treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Heal India’s Basic Level Sound Healing Therapy Training is recommended for Everyone, especially for:

  • Anyone who would like to learn to use Sound Healing as a Preventive Therapy to avoid diseases.

  • Anyone who would like to learn to use Sound Healing as a Complementary Therapy to treat already diagnosed diseases.

  • Health and Wellness seekers

  • Holistic psychologists, Gestalt psychologists, Bach Remedies practitioners, sound healers, music therapists and healers in general

  • Yoga practitioners and instructors

  • Meditators

  • Spiritual seekers

  • Lightworkers


  • Basic scientific approach to Sound Healing

  • Basic music approach to Sound Healing

  • Basic medical approach to Sound Healing

  • Chakras and their Archetypes in Sound Healing Therapy

  • Therapeutic approach to play singing bowls

  • Heal India’s exclusive Therapy and Technique:

  1. Heal India’s Chakra Cleansing and Kundalini Awakening Therapy

  2. Heal India’s House Aura Cleansing Technique

This theoretical and practical training will be taught in 8 hours . Two breaks (light veg lunch and teatime) are programmed.

The course will be taught by Heal India’s Healing Master Natalia Addiechi Shihan, Sound Healer and Gong Master certified by Don Conreaux.

Natalia Addiechi started her journey into the spiritual path in 2004 in Argentina as a Yoga practitioner. Since 2007 she has been practicing Reiki healing and became Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan (Traditional Japanese Reiki) Senior Master, being 5th in her lineage. In 2010 she decided to go further in her practice of yoga and became a certified Purna Yoga Professor in 2012 by the Yogacharya Ricardo Garcia, founder of Asociacion Bonaerense de Yoga. Her interest in Psychology and her awareness about the law of Karma, led her to learn Jungian Tarot  first and then Akashic Records.Committed to the healing and the study of the energy flow, she has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with Alfredo Julca Perez and became a skilful Acupressure practitioner as well as a Reflexologist therapist, Member of ADDA (Argentinian Association of Acupressure Practitioners). After experiencing the energy flow from different points of view: the Vedic Prana, the Chinese Qi, the Japanese Ki, the Jungian Collective Unconscious, the law of Karma, and achieved knowledge on Vedanta, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Jungian and Gestalt Psychology and Hermetics, Sound Healing -cosmic energy flow- came into her life. She studied with the International Masters Jimena Navarro and Kaly Perez Garrido. She started performing not only Sound Healing Sessions but Concerts in theatres. After some years of devoted practice, she met the Great Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, learnt from him and performed in the theatre with him as well. In February 2018, she attained the state of “Anshin Ritsumei” that’s why she left her comfort zone in Argentina to move to India to heal the community as the first step in her life mission path.


Her trainings are a way of multiplying the number of healers in India and around the world to spread happiness and health, the ultimate truth of the human condition.



The fee of Heal India’s Basic Level Sound Healing Therapy Training is Rs. 9999 GST included. To book the seat, paying 50% of the fee in advance is required. If the student doesn’t attend to the Training, the fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.


After completing the Training, the student receives a Certificate. The student must attend the whole Training (8 hours) to be certified.


Any sort of video shooting, still pictures and audio recording are NOT ALLOWED during the Training. Students are requested to turn off their mobiles during the Training.




Contact us for further information:


Phone number: + 91 9355351721


Facebook: Heal India Complementary Therapies Private Limited

Instagram: healindia

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