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Bach Flower Therapy Training

All-in-One Beginner to Advanced Level (Levels 1, 2 & 3)


This training has been developed by Heal India’s Healing Master Natalia Addiechi Shihan after more than 16 years of practice as a Bach Flower Therapist.


It consists of 10 classes of 2 hours each in which the system of Dr. Edward Bach is taught.


It's an all-in-one Beginner to Advanced Level Training.

It certifies the student as Heal India’s Bach Flower Therapist and allows him/her to start practising  professionally once completed.

Heal India’s Bach Flower Therapy Training is recommended for Everyone, especially for:

  • Anyone who would like to learn to use Bach Flower Remedies as a Preventive Therapy to avoid diseases.

  • Anyone who would like to learn to use Bach Flower Remedies as a Complementary Therapy to treat already diagnosed diseases.

  • Health and Wellness seekers

  • Holistic psychologists, Gestalt psychologists, Transpersonal psychologists, coaches, counsellors and healers in general

  • Yoga practitioners and instructors

  • Meditators

  • Spiritual seekers

  • Lightworkers




  • Dr. Edward Bach concepts of health and disease

  • Bach Flower Remedies as a continuation of Hahnemann’s homeopathy

  • Bach Flowers System

  • Group 1: Fear

  • Group 2: Uncertainty

  • Group 3: Lack of Interest

  • Group 4: Loneliness

  • Group 5: Oversensitivity

  • Group 6: Despondency and Despair

  • Group 7: Overcare for Others

  • Consultation and Diagnosis

  • Bach Flower Remedies for pets and plants

  • Advanced Practice: Bach Flower Remedies for children

  • Advanced Practice: Difference & Similarities among the Bach Flower Remedies

  • Advanced Practice: Common Combinations

  • Advanced Practice: New Combinations

  • Advanced Practice: Repertory 

The Training uses Bach Centre's Recommended Books as well as other materials. All the studying material is provided for free. There are no extra books to buy.

The EE is Rs. 9999

Contact us: +91 9355351721

The 3 Levels of Bach Flower Training at Bach Centre cost almost USD 1500 (Rs. 1 lac) and you have to buy the studying materials.

We offer the same 3 Levels in an all-in-one Training at a super affordable price: only Rs. 9999 and we provide the studying material for free.

Why do we have such an affordable price?

Because Dr Edward Bach wanted everyone to be benefited by his therapy. An affordable training makes possible for more people to study and become a Bach Flower Therapist to help others in their healing process.

Why do we offer an all-in-one Beginner to Advanced Level Training? 

Because Dr Edward Bach never spread his knowledge in levels. In fact, his words were "Keep it simple".

Why do we offer our own certificate instead of Bach Centre's certificate?

Because Dr Bach in his writings and conferences explained his system openly for the greater good of humanity. When he was alive there was no Bach Centre to monopolise trainings or certificates. In fact, he never certified anyone as Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, these certifications were granted many years later with commercial purposes. 

We are not engaged with Bach Centre because we don't subscribe their pricings and levels sytem. For this reason we provide our own certificate that is as valid as any other certificate.

Do I need to be a BFRP (Bach Flower Registered Practioner) to practise professionally?

No. Being a BFRP is just a tag, an expensive tag (you need to renew your registration every year). There are plenty of Bach Flower Therapists around the world that are not engaged with Bach Centre and are practising professionally.

The Bach Centre's Code of Practice says: "The Centre shall issue registered practitioners with a Certificate of Registration (the ‘Certificate’) to indicate inclusion on the Register. Neither registration nor the Certificate constitutes a professional qualification degree diploma or licence to practise medicine or any other helping profession that might require licensing nor do they give the recipient the right to carry out any functions that require such licensing" 

The certification provided by Bach Centre is as valid as any other Bach Flower Therapy certification because these certifications are not  a licence. As Bach Flower Remedies have no side effects, it's not possible that you harm anyone prescibing a blend, so a licence is not required

Can I practise Bach Flower Therapy if I'm not a doctor?

Yes. Dr. Bach spread his system to be practised by everyone, not only doctors. Bach Flower Therapy is a complementary therapy, this means that will complement any other medical treatment the patient is going through. As these Remedies don't have side effects, are safe. 

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