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Tarot and Free Will

What is the main difference between the predictive Tarot and Nigredo Tarot? FREE WILL.

When you go for a predictive Tarot Reading, you are admitting knowingly or unknowingly that future is already determined. You ask questions regarding your future, the Tarot Reader pulls the cards and tells you about that future. You believe that what is there on the spread is the truth about your future. You believe the Tarot Arcana are an oracle and the Tarot Reader’s expertise will “translate” this “message” of the oracle for you. You knowingly or unknowingly are giving the Tarot Arcana and the Tarot Reader power over you. You are quitting your responsibility, you leave everything in the Tarot Reader’s hands because deep inside you believe that things can’t be changed.

When you go for a Nigredo Tarot Reading, you don’t ask questions regarding future. Why? Because future is a possibility that depends on the choices you make in the present. You have FREE WILL, God/the Universe has given you’re the freedom to make voluntary choices, to decide and to act. Even though there’s a God’s plan, we all have the birth right to choose. That is why during a Nigredo Tarot Reading, we (I say “we” because the Enquirer and the Reader work together) bring present situations to the light. You have all your answers in your unconscious mind and they need to be brought into consciousness. In a Nigredo Tarot Reading, you and the Reader pull these answers to gain Self-awareness. You gain Self-knowledge to understand you are a co-creator of your life. You become responsible for your present and future situations. There’s no prediction because you know you have the power to change situations, for this reason a Nigredo Tarot Reading is an Empowering Reading.

Do you believe your life is already determined?

Or do you believe you have FREE WILL to choose what you want for your life?

Go for an ONLINE Nigredo Tarot Reading and empower yourself.

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