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Tarot and Self-Awareness

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Many people attend to a Tarot Reading because they want to know about a present or future situation which keeps them restless. They can't find the answers so they need someone else to find the answers for themselves. Our minds are not ready to take uncertainty. Our minds need answers because they can't stay without knowing. If the mind can't find the answer, starts overthinking and creating possible answers which make us mentally confused and blocked.

Most Tarot Readings are predictive. That means that the Reader, due to the connection with the Arcana and his/her expertise, can tell the fortune of the person who is asking.

Nigredo Tarot is a Therapeutic Reading. The Reader helps the Enquirer to find the answers he/she already has but is unable to see. Instead of predicting the future or giving yes/no answers, Nigredo Tarot empowers the Enquirer. It facilitates the Enquirer to go deep into his/her own self to bring the answers to the light and gain Self-awareness.

A Nigredo Tarot Reading is not for those who expect the Reader to be a kind of "demigod" who has the revealed truth. A Nigredo Tarot Reading is for those who want to enlighten themselves and want to find their own truth. The Reader is just a facilitator, the one who will guide the Enquirer through his/her journey to Self-knowledge.

That is why in the Western World these kinds of Readings are known as Transpersonal Tarot, Jungian Tarot, Therapeutic Tarot, Psychological Tarot, and have replaced predictive Tarot Readings.

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