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Tarot and Shadow

If we comprehend the law of polarity as the all-encompassing principle of our reality, then we can conclude that there is also an opposite pole to polarity itself: the unimaginable unity that all religions describe in their own way with their respective images and symbols as divine and paradisiac. The "fall" from this original unity, the state of conflict, the multiplicity, and the possible return to a "lost paradise" is the esoteric knowledge about the individual path in life. This is why many spiritual teachings describe this path as a path of healing because its goal is the wholeness of the human being.

Here we assume, as in Jungian psychology, that the starting human situation is "unwhole" insofar as portions of wholeness are initially located in the so-called "shadow", an area that is experienced by the conscious mind as foreign or absent. As long as parts of our essential nature lie in the shadows we are not only missing them in terms of our wholeness, but they are simultaneously the vital source of some types of misguided behavior with which they want to draw attention to themselves.

This path of healing/wholeness is made visible in the 22 pictures of the Major Arcana.

This is what makes these cards so unique. They have a dimension that goes far beyond everything that can be read when laying the cards. Here lies the deeper meaning, the actual heart of Tarot. A person who comprehends these correlations, recognizing them as images on the path in life, will find the Major Arcana to be a fascinatingly clear assistance in personal guidance.

A Nigredo Tarot Reading facilitates this path into wholeness.

The Reader together with the Enquirer bring these portions of wholeness from the shadow region to increase the Self-awareness and embrace the unity. For this reason, a Nigredo Tarot Reading is not an ordinary predictive Tarot Reading; a Nigredo Tarot Reading is a healing therapy.

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